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Man of Honor

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You have served so that others may live
You are a true American Man-of-Honor
The people of the United States are grateful



A Reminder Of Who We Are

We are Man-of-Honor.

We are all Veterans who have served our county in whatever way we were called upon to do.

From the mountains in Afghanistan, the deserts of Iraq, the freezing hills in Korea, the jungles in Vietnam or wherever you were assigned. 

We are Clerks, Cooks, Cops, Truck Drivers, Bomb Loaders, First Sergeants, Medics, Pilots and Naval Personnel at sea.  Regardless of what job we had, or the rank we were, it was a job that had to be done and we did what it took to get the mission accomplished. 

The Hero's in the Man of Honor are all of us.  It took and takes each and every person who has served active service, guard, or reserve to defend our nation, regardless of rank or position.

It is important to remember our creed that reminds us to respect and honor each other.  We do, and have done many wonderful things for Veterans in need and their families.

It takes all of us to achieve our goal.  We are all equal and we are all proud members of a great outfit.  It takes us all to achieve our goals and respecting each other has allowed us to become who we are today.

Remember our Creed:  "You have served so others may live.  You are a true American Man of Honor.  The people of the United States are grateful."

The Man of Honor needs each and every one of us and with continued support from all of us we can continue to help the Veterans and famiies in need.

Want to see a truly amazing person?  Look into the mirror the next time we reach out and help a Vet.  It's a great feeling and you will see a true hero.

                                                         Written by Bernie Knippel, MOH - 2010